CrowdCall is the best way to facilitate volunteer phonebanks for causes and political campaigns.

A screenshot of CrowdCall integrating with OpenVPB
Integrate with existing tools
Phonebanking your volunteers will love
After installing the CrowdCall chrome extension, phone numbers on websites like OpenVPB and VoteBuilder will be replaced with an easy to use call button

No wasted volunteer time
Make more phone calls
CrowdCall makes calls directly through the computer, so volunteers' will never need to waste their time dialing phone numbers by hand. Plus, volunteers privacy is protected and volunteers will never have to deal with call-backs after volunteering.
Local area codes and virtual receptionist
Reach more voters
CrowdCall has local phone numbers in almost every area code in the country, so voters will always get calls from area codes they know. Plus, if they call back, they will be directed to a configurable campaign receptionist that can redirect calls and take messages.
Voters making calls during a phonebank
A piggy bank
The best prices in the world, guaranteed
Save Money
CrowdCall was built with affordability in mind. Our innovative call-routing technology allows us to offer cheaper rates than any other phone provider in the world.

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Our mission is to help campaigns succeed

We don’t see our users as a revenue source — we see them as potential new voices in office. This mission-driven mindset means that we are wholly committed to each of our partners from announcement day to election day, regardless of their size or volume.

Bridget McCurry, a field operator in North Carolina, switched to CrowdCall and saved her campaign almost $6,000 while significantly increasing volunteer retention.
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