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Our Origins

November 8, 2016 was widely seen as a reckoning for the electorate of the United States. Pundits gave out countless reasons for this shocking political upset - from the antiquated electoral college to Russian hackers and voter manipulation.

At CrowdCall, we are addressing this by providing faster, cheaper, and more reliable voter contact service for campaigns. We want to make a difference before it’s too late – by supporting field organizers with the tactics, so that they can spend more time on winning.

What makes us special

Our number one priority is ensuring affordability, no matter what size the operation. Our Stanford-based engineering team built a new method managing call volume using artificial intelligence. This innovation means that we’re not just the most affordable phone provider for political campaigns. We’re one of the most affordable phone providers, period.

CrowdCall is the only phone provider that works exclusively with causes and campaigns. That means that our tools have been built specifically around the needs of campaigns like yours. We have close integrations with tools like Votebuilder, and are constantly working on ensuring our tools are built to support your campaign.

We don’t see our users as revenue sources — we see them as potential new voices in office. This mindset means that we are committed to each of our partners from announcement day to election day, regardless of the campaign’s size. Each of our customers has access to their own account manager, and first class live chat support.

We work with campaigns of all sizes, ranging from tiny operations like board of education seats to massive, complex campaigns like congressional races.

CrowdCall is the best tool for political phonebanking

CrowdCall is a mission driven organization that builds tools to empower causes and campaigns. Our unique technology integrates directly with the tools you already use, like OpenVPB or Votebuilder.

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